About Us

We offer multiple services including:
  • Renewal of Pakistani passport.
  • CNIC/NICOP (English id card).
  • FRC (Family registration certificate).
  • POC (Pakistan origin card).
  • NICOP for foreign newborn babies.
  • PAK ID Verification Services

Our company NadraID Solution has an efficient and hardworking staff available to serve oversees Pakistani around the world 24/7. We try our best to save your time and solve your document problems. Your problems our priorities. NadraID Solution’s team offers you to make your documents while sitting on your bed. Once you submit your application you do not have anything to be worried about, just relax enjoy your time with your family. We make sure to help you in all possible ways. Our services are convenient and safe furthermore, we offer free delivery all over the world by DHL.

Please note that we are not associated with any Pakistani embassy or NADRA headquarter. This is our own independent service providing company based in Italy.