English Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis NICOP

Services are provided for anyone who is outside Pakistan around the world. If you own another nationality along with Pakistani nationality (dual nationality), you will eligible to visit Pakistan without the visa on NICOP card. Anyone who is applying for NICOP is required to have a passport and new born babies are recommended to apply for the card within first 6 months of their birth.


POC (Pakistan origin card)

This is a great opportunity for oversees Pakistanis and foreigners as it does not require you to have visa. It is the simplest and the most convenient way as well if you do not have a blood relation and your spouse is Pakistani.

  • Multiple visa free entry to Pakistan.
  • Allows you to stay in Pakistan without reporting to police or foreigner’s registration office.
  • You would have the right to sell or purchase your property anywhere in Pakistan.
  • You can also open a bank account in Pakistan.


FRC (Family registration certificate)

FRC helps you for the verification purposes such as if you want to go abroad for higher education, immigration purpose and official or foreign visit. You will receive your FRC in 3-4 days right after your submission by email.

There are two ways to apply:

  • By birth: In this way your family details will be on the certificate i.e. parents and siblings
  • By marriage: If you are married your spouse and children’s details will be on the certificate.


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