POC Pakistan origin card

This is a great opportunity for overseas Pakistanis and foreigners as it does not require you to have a visa. It is the simplest and the most convenient way as well if you do not have a blood relation and your spouse is Pakistani. Additionally, you can visit Pakistan if you were born in a foreign country, but your parents are Pakistani. You are also eligible to apply on bases of your Pakistani parents/grandparents if you were born abroad and you do not have any NADRA id (CNIC/NICOP). Another benefit is that you can also apply if you ever owned Pakistani nationality.

This card offers you:

  • Multiple visa-free entries to Pakistan.
  • It allows you to stay in Pakistan without reporting to the police or foreigner’s registration office.
  • You would have the right to sell or purchase your property anywhere in Pakistan.
  • You can also open a bank account in Pakistan.
  • You may get employment as well.

Documentation for POC

  • Your photo (a photo taken by your phone)
  • Photo of the front page of your foreign passport.
  • Photo of your Pakistani passport and Id card.
  • Affidavit provided by NADRA should be completed by a Pakistani national.
  • Marriage certificate (must be in English).
  • Delivery Address